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In memory of James Dungy
January 6, 1987 - December 22, 2005
In memory of James Dungy
January 6, 1987 - December 22, 2005

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Check below
Click here for Lucas Oil Parking

Prime parking for Lucas Oil Stadium

Source: WISH-TV

The first football game in the Lucas Oil Stadium is the Peyback Classic on August 22. The Colts play their first game in the stadium two days later and that's when fans will have to find their parking spot.

NK Hurst Bean Company has had a front row seat to the years of construction work and now owns some parking spaces that are in high demand. The company sits just yards from the stadium and has been there since 1906. But, the president of the company, Rick Hurst, had to fight to stay there.

Shortly after the announcement in December of 2004 that Lucas Oil Stadium would be built in his backyard, Hurst had to wage a legal battle in order to keep his property.

"It was better for us to stay in our location and more economical...better for our employees and for our business," said Hurst.

Citing imminent domain, the Capital Improvement Board tried to acquire Hurst's property, the CIB said it was needed for additional parking space.

Hurst won his battle and changes to the law followed. Now, after several improvements on his property, he owns 220 prime parking spaces which he said are sold out for the season. Hurst said the costly legal fight was worth it.

"Absolutely, it was definitely worth it. The law itself needed to be changed and with the legislator's help we got some of those things changed. Was it worth it for us? I think in the long run. It was an expensive process to go through, but you look 30 years down the road, you don't look one year down the road," said Hurst.

The red brick bean company building is definitely visible during nationally-televised Colts games.

"Although Indianapolis is our home we actually sell more beans elsewhere in the country. We are in all 64 markets, so Los Angeles is a big market for us. So those Monday night games with us showing up...for us, it will help us in all 50 states." said Hurst.

All 220 parking spaces have been sold to loyal fans. Hurst said he sold them for $350 a piece, that's for every home game of the season including the post-season.

Enterprising vendors choosing their spots

By Jeff Swiatek 

Entrepreneurs snap up tracts near stadium for game day parking lots

Jerry Cannon is among them, scouring land records in search of desirable lots to buy or lease within an easy walk of the stadium.

"I've done that for the past year," said Cannon, who jokes that the plat room in the City-County Building, where land records are stored, has become almost like his second home.

So far, Cannon said, he has lined up almost 400 parking spaces at three locations where he aims to get city approval to open parking lots.

Cannon and others in his line of work see the stadium creating a new frontier for parking by shifting the most desirable parking areas for stadium users to the south of the elevated railroad tracks running next to the RCA Dome, which Lucas Oil replaces.

The widely shared view of parking operators is that Indianapolis Colts fans and other users of Lucas Oil can expect parking around it to be as easy to find and no costlier than it was at the RCA Dome.

"There are a lot of surface lots in that area. I don't see any shortage of parking for the games," said Mark Pryor, director of new business development for Denison Parking, the city's largest Downtown parking company.

Game day parking rates for most fans should be the same as for RCA Dome events -- $5 to $20, said Pryor.

Prime reserved spots already are selling for $50. One reason for the higher rate for close-in spots: The approximately 1,500 parking spots in the lots surrounding the stadium have been turned over to the Indianapolis Colts for their use, under the city's contract with the team. Another 1,500 remote spots have been given to the team.

The Colts are expected to use those 3,000 spots to park players and their families and friends, team personnel, media, various VIPs and stadium workers, among others.

Denison has been hired to handle traffic for the Colts' stadium parking.

Many Colts fans and other Lucas Oil users are expected to continue parking where they did when games were at the RCA Dome.

Parking entrepreneurs see opportunities not only to park cars, but also to use prime lots near the stadium to host tailgating parties complete with electrical hookups, portable restrooms and even live music.

All of that and more is planned on the Jobsite Supply lot, occupying a prime location at 624 S. Missouri St. across from the stadium, said Heather Roush, general manager of Sideline Parking, which is co-leasing the site for Colts game day parking.

She is selling the Jobsite Supply spots for $45 per Colts game or $450 for the 10-game season.

"I get probably 15 to 20 calls a day" inquiring about parking for Colts games, she said. "People are shopping right now" for spaces and meeting their needs has created an "extremely competitive" market for parking operators, she said.

Jim Siegel, a Downtown parking investor who heads a Carmel financial services company, said he and a partner already have sold all 50 parking spots for Colts games on a lot they are buying at 423 W. South St., a half-block from the stadium.

At an asking price of $500 for the season, "We sold out in two days," Siegel said.

To establish parking lots on vacant ground, city zoning laws for Downtown require that they be paved to reduce dust and mud. The only exception is on ground zoned industrial, where a gravel lot can be operated for one year. The city also requires that Downtown lots be landscaped, and it likes to see fencing put up, said Jeff York, senior planner for the Department of Metropolitan Development.

So far, the city has received no applications to open gravel lots anywhere around the stadium, he said.

Cannon said he soon will file with the city to open a 150-space lot on South Meridian Street south of Shapiro's Delicatessen and a 120-space lot near Capitol Avenue and McCarty Street. He said he would prefer to put gravel on both lots, at half the cost of asphalt, and he doesn't see a need for ornate fencing.

"The city wants every lot to look like Lilly. My name's not Eli," he said referring to the pharmaceutical giant, whose corporate parking lots to the east of Lucas Oil are fenced, landscaped, paved and patrolled.

"If the city could ease up on their criteria, we could get a lot more done," Cannon said.

With 63,000 seats, Lucas Oil holds about 5,000 more fans than the RCA Dome.

The area around Lucas Oil and extending north to the large surface lots serving the OneAmerica Tower hold ample parking to accommodate its larger crowds, but it may take a while for people to sort out the lots and garages they prefer to use, said Scott Gould, a Denison general manager.

The jump in gasoline prices and a weaker economy also may alter people's driving and parking habits from years past, perhaps encouraging more carpooling and a greater willingness to park farther away and walk to save money on parking.

"It's a guess. Nobody knows right now," Gould said. As drivers descend on Lucas Oil Stadium for the first time next month, Denison and other parking operators "will just roll with the punches," he said.

However, there are tens of thousands of other parking spaces located throughout downtown

view a larger map of available downtown parking here

Might I suggest parking at the Indianapolis Zoo parking lot. There is always a flat-fee of $5 and it is in close walking distance to Lucas Oil Stadium. Estimated Distance: 1.59 miles.
Click Here for Map

Seeing how games are usually held on the weekends, most of downtown will have their metered street parking available for no charge.

There will be plenty of police officers downtown to help, so allow extra time to get around and bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

    * Plan your driving, parking and walking route ahead of time.

    * Use interstates to travel to and leave Downtown.

    * Enter Downtown from the side on which you plan to park.

    * Allow plenty of extra travel time.

    * Travel may be restricted on streets near event sites due to large crowds.

    * Travel will be restricted for lane closures due to construction activity near the RCA Dome and JW Marriott complex.

    * Carpool or use IndyGo if possible.

Parking is Abundant.
There are more than 70,000 Downtown parking spaces.

    * Click here to search our Downtown map.

    * Use our parking database below to find parking; a list of nearby garages and lots. 

    * Select a couple of parking alternatives before you leave home.

    * Plan to use a garage or lot.  Most meters near the event sites are restricted during this time.

    * Some parking facilities and lots may not be open to the public.

    * Wear comfortable shoes, park once and enjoy the walk.

WARNING: It is entirely your responsibility to read the parking restriction signs that apply to the parking spot you have chosen!

Where can I park my RV?

The Indiana State Fairgrounds Campsites, 1202 East 38th Street, Indianapolis, is approximately 6 miles from the facility and open year-round.  Amenities include paved pads, water and sewer hook-ups, 30-amp service, pay phones, picnic shelter, and playground.  It is fully accessible to those with special needs.  Call 317.927.7510 for more information.

Lake Haven Retreat, 1951 West Edgewood Avenue, Indianapolis, approximately 7 miles from the facility, is a full service campground with daily, weekly, and monthly rates.  Sitting on 20 acres, the retreat has a lake stocked for fishing, restroom, shower, and laundry facilities, wireless and high-speed internet connections.  
 Call 317.807.2267 or visit for more information.

What if we have group seating tickets and arrived by bus,
Do you have bus parking?

Bus parking is available by contacting your ticket sales reprensentative at least one week prior to your group outing game day.

Looking for a Hotel in The Downtown area?
Click Here

World Wonders Garage

100 S. Illinois St.
SW Quad

The World Wonders garage entrance is located just before Maryland Street and Illinois Street.

Enter before 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday:
0-3 hours $1.50
3-4 hours $3.00
4-5 hours $5.00
5-6 hours $8.00
6-12 hours $12.00
12-24 hours $24.00

Enter after 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday:
0-3 hours $1.50
3-6 hours $3.00
6-8 hours $6.00
8-12 hours $12.00
12-24 hours $18.00

An Event parking rate of $20.00 may be charged during major downtown functions. Visitors will be notified of Event parking schedules upon entry into any Circle Centre garage. If a visitor shows a $20 receipt from any Circle Centre merchant from that day, normal parking rates will apply.

24 hours

Click for Map
 Estimated Distance: 0.67 miles

*NOTE: Mapquest highlights your path via automobile as there are One Way streets involved

White River State Park Garage

650 W. Washington St.
SW Quad

located at the corner of Maryland and West street

1 Hour $3.00
Daily Maximum $10.00
Event $10.00

Weekdays 7am-11pm
Saturday 7am-11pm
Sunday 9am-9pm


Click for Map
Estimated Distance: 0.98 miles

NatCity Centre/Hyatt Garage

5 S. Capitol Ave.
SW Quad

1 Hour $3.00
Daily Maximum $18.00
Monthly $125.00
Event $20.00

Weekdays 24 hrs
Saturday 24 hrs
Sunday 24 hrs


Click for Map
Estimated Distance: 0.47 miles

Moon Garage

26 W. Georgia St.
SW Quad

1 Hour  $1.50
Daily Maximum  $18.00
Event  $20.00

Weekdays  8am-Midnight
Saturday  8am-Midnight
Sunday  10am-9pm


Click for Map
Estimated Distance: 0.45 miles

Claypool Court Garage

33 N. Capitol Ave.
SW Quad

1 Hour $4.00
Daily Maximum $20.00
Monthly $125.00
Event $20.00

Weekdays 24 hrs
Saturday 24 hrs
Sunday 24 hrs


Click for Map
Estimated Distance: 0.54 miles

In the process of adding garages daily, bare with me 

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